Topsham is an attractive town on the Exe estuary, Devon, in England's Westcountry. Now part of Exeter, it nevertheless maintains a distinctive identity. Loved by its locals, and savoured by those who visit, Topsham offers river walks; wildlife; a Saturday morning market; many characterful shops, restaurants and inns; and quiet space to sit and watch the sailing boats go by. But while present-day Topsham is undoubtedly picturesque and has a rich historical heritage, it always has been a working town. Despite no longer being one of the great trading ports of Britain, it continues to have a very strong business and commercial life, with traditional maritime trades continuing alongside the modern and computerised. The site aims to support and encourage the current and future community, so that the history which awaits us may be just as interesting and rewarding.

Topsham - looking north from Quay

Topsham's Longest Table 2010

Topsham Food Festival
Following the incredible success of the Topsham Food Festival and Longest Table in 2008 (see and YouTube for a reminder) a new date has been set for another Longest Table this year.

Sunday 20th June 2010

The official announcement:

As part of the weekend celebrations for the Topsham Food Festival, we are organising another Nello's Longest Table, an evening celebration of food and friends. It was originally Nello Ghezzo's idea to create an occasion whereby our whole community can sit down together to enjoy meals prepared from local and locally sourced foods at a table stretching the entire length of Topsham Fore Street, part of Ferry Road and The Quay. Music will be played throughout the street to create that "fiesta" atmosphere. Our first Nello's Longest Table in 2008 was such a great success, we hope that you will enjoy another!

To achieve this, Fore Street will have to be closed to traffic and parking from 2pm on Sunday June 20th in order to set up the tables. We hope that this won't cause you problems or too much inconvenience. Indeed, we hope that you will join in the celebrations in what will be Topsham's biggest ever street party.

If you would like to join in, we are giving residents and businesses along the route the opportunity to reserve your tables before they are offered to the general public.

Tables cost £25 (for up to 6 people). For this amount, you will receive a table. It will be up to you to bring your own meal (local and locally sourced, pelase); friends; and chairs.

All proceeds from the Topsham Food Festival will go toward the Topsham Community Assocation (for community use), to Force Cancer Charity, and to Shop Local Campaign to help run the festival.

To reserve your table, please book at The Globe from May 4th (not before 9am please). Table reservations will then be available to the rest of the community from May 11th. There will be a limit to not more than 4 tables being booked by each household during the priority period as we appreciate that many friends may want to book through you as soon as possible! Demand is high! Times and details about the event will be on your booking forms.

For further information about the Topsham Food Festival, visit; contact Liz at The Globe (873471 or; or e-mail Marc Millon (

If you have any queries regarding the parking and road closure, please contact our policing team - Kevin or Percy on 874630.

We look forward to sharing the special event with you!

Liz, Marc, Kim and the Topsham Food Festival Organisers.


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