Topsham is an attractive town on the Exe estuary, Devon, in England's Westcountry. Now part of Exeter, it nevertheless maintains a distinctive identity. Loved by its locals, and savoured by those who visit, Topsham offers river walks; wildlife; a Saturday morning market; many characterful shops, restaurants and inns; and quiet space to sit and watch the sailing boats go by. But while present-day Topsham is undoubtedly picturesque and has a rich historical heritage, it always has been a working town. Despite no longer being one of the great trading ports of Britain, it continues to have a very strong business and commercial life, with traditional maritime trades continuing alongside the modern and computerised. The site aims to support and encourage the current and future community, so that the history which awaits us may be just as interesting and rewarding.

Topsham - looking north from Quay

Topsham TV

The local producer and director Alex Leger just sent me details of his new YouTube channel Topsham TV, which has a number of clips of local interest.

There are - after a couple of months of production (and at the time of writing on11th November) - twenty four clips on view, and eleven are about Topsham. These are: three Blue Peter films shot in 1979 (the mud football), 1984 (about flooding) and early 1990s (John Leslie and the pump running competition on the quay), salmon fishing with two of Topsham’s remaining salmon boats, two with Graham Rich talking about his work as an artist (he is represented by the Fine Arts Society), Show of Hands performing at the Rugby Club during their tour of Topsham in 2010, the Puertas String Quartet practising in St Margaret’s Church prior to a performance, the last week (and sale) at Underhills shoe shop, the recent Devon Air Ambulance celebration at Darts Farm with Steve Knightley of Show Of Hands reminiscing about the town when he was an ‘Exmouth boy’, and a clip shot by me from the cockpit of a RN Sea Harrier flying low and fast over the town.
- extract from feature in current Estuary Magazine



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