Topsham is a unique town on the Exe estuary, Devon, just three miles from Exeter in England's West country. Loved by its locals, and savoured by those who visit. Topsham offers breathtaking river walks, independent shops, antiques and galleries, restaurants and pubs, or just a beautiful space to stop on your bike ride and watch the boats go by with a pint.

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Charity ... verifiability

For some time, there have been reports in the region of bogus charity collectors who appear to be collecting for a children’s charity, but are merely working for a company selling leaflets. See BOGUS CHARITY COLLECTOR - 6 Dec 2013 from Devon & Cornwall Police.

If you see anyone with a collecting bucket, be absolutely sure that they're a genuine charity before donating. Apparently it's not illegal to sell leaflets if it's crystal-clear that's the deal. But it's a very grey area if the vendor makes the situation insufficiently explicit, so you think you're donating to a charity, but are in fact buying an overpriced piece of paper.

  • Within the Exeter area, all charity collectors are required to wear badges issued by the City Council authorising them to collect on behalf of the said charity.
  • All Charity workers must wear  photo ID with the registered charity number and contact details on it.
  • IF any person is not wearing this OR it does not look legitimate, please contact the police on 101 and DO NOT donate any money. 



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